Vishruthi Girish – Vocal

On 09th July 2016 (Saturday)at 7.15 PM; Vishruthi Girish a young vocalist belongs to a great musician family, performed her excellent vocal concert. No doubt her paatantharam is of high order and she has been trained very well by her mother-cum-guru Gayathri Girish ( an A top grade artist of AIR). Her voice is sweet  and versatile, over all knowledge is high, she has good manodharma.and rendering the kritis neatly with raga-lakshana.

Ata thala varnam in ragam kaanada was the best beginning of the concert. Sri mahaganapathim (gowla), charukesi kriti, lalitha kriti hiranmayeem lakshmeem everything was fine to listen. Suba panthuvarali alapana was very good. Karna ranjani kriti vanchatho was sung nicely. There was some nice pidis in shakarabharanam alapana. She sang the kriti manadirkuisanidha nicely. Irakkam varamal was so pleasing.

Violinist Parur M.K.Ananthalakshmi and mridangaist G. Karthick gave a very good support.