V. Vathsala – Vocal

On 23rd October 2015 (Friday) At 7.15 PM; V. Vathsala performed an excellent vocal concert. A student of sr. guru O.S. Thiyagarajan – no doubt her paatantharam is of high order. Her voice is sweet, clear, versatile and with good reach, over all knowledge and manodharma is also of high order.

There was some imaginative pidis in her suba panthuvarali alapana, it was neat. Kriti sri sathyanarayanam was sung very well. Main; madhyamavathi – alapana had nice pidis . She traveled the three octaves easily and smoothly. Violinist V. Suparajas reply also super. The kriti adigi sukhamu was sung neatly. Swaram kalpana had variety. Thani by S. Gomathishankar (mridangam) and V. Arvind (gatam) was very good. Desh thillana was fine.