V.UM. Ayshwarya

On 04th December 2016 (Sunday) At 6.00 PM; V.UM. Ayshwarya performed her excellent vocal concert. This is her 3rd performance. Paatantharam also very good and well trained by her guru Vidwan B. Umashankar. She is singing the kritis neatly and also showing her great involvement and dedication in music.

Hamsadyani kriti was sung very well. Kaapi alapana though short it was good. Kalpana swaram was in detail for kriti meevalla gunadhodha. Main nesamani a difficult raga to sing – alapana was fine, kriti srirama saraswathi rendered very well and limited kalpanaswaram was rendered nicely.

Akilesh Chandrasekar on the violin and on the mridangam by K. Sudev supported  very well.