V. Thejus – Vocal

On 18th July 2015 (Saturday) at 7.15 PM; V. Thejus is excelled in all departments with his fine voice. This is being his 4th concert and we have been seeing his improvement and over all knowledge in music for the past 6 years. Of-course credit goes to his grand mother-cum-guru Madhavi Rajagopala and R.K. Shriram kumar.

He sang all the kritis well with raga lakshana. Sub-main karaharapriya alapana was fine and had some nice pidis. Kriti  pakkala nilabadi was sung very well. Kalpanaswaram had variety. Main panduvarali alapana was sung very well with his versatile voice. Niraval had variety. Kalpanaswaram was fine for ninne near nammi. Srinivasa thiruvenagada was rendered melodiously.

He got fine support on the violin from R. Sundararajan and on the mridangam by V. Shreyas.

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