V. Supraja – Vocal

On 13th May 2016 (Friday) at 7.15 PM; That was yet another excellent vocal concert by V. Supraja, this is her 6th concert and she performed all the concerts were excellent. A student of sr. guru Kala Acharya Sironmani Raji Gopalakrishnan. She tutored her excellent in all the departments of music. Suprajas voice is sweet, fine and versatile. Her over all knowledge in music also high.

Sub-main kaanada alapana was fine, Kriti balaambikaye was rendered very well. A glimpse of alapana in hamsanandi was rendered like a express train perfectly for kriti srinivasa. Main thodi – alapana had many imganative pidis, Kriti endhuku was sung nicely. Niraval was good and kalpanaswaram had variety and brisk. She sang the thukkadas nicely.

Violinist T. Kishore and on the mridangam by R. S. Ramakrishnan gave a very good support.