V. Poornima – Vocal

On 14th July 2013 (Sunday) at 7.15 PM; V. Poornima presented a fine & very good vocal concert This is her maiden concert. She is born in a musical family. Sangeetha Vidwan Manakkal Rangarajan is her grand father. Manakkal R. Sriram a mridangam exponent is her uncle. She has been trained well by gurus grand father Sri. Rangarajan and Saroja Kalyanaraman.

Nalinakanthi kriti paalaya sadha was sung well. Kalpanaswarams had variety. Main.karahara priya was good, after a neat alapana she sang samaanamevaru well. Niraval and kalpanaswaram was fine. The ragamalika kriti was different, the depiction of each raga in ragamalika with its name was interesting.

V. Supraja on violin and Keshav Nelavai on Mridangam gave a very good support to Poornima.

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