V. Deepika and V. Nandika – Vocal-Duet

On 07th May 2017 (Sunday) At 7.15 PM. That was excellent Vocal-Duet concert by Sisters V. Deepika and V. Nandika. Their Paatantharam is of high order and well trained by his Guru Neyveli R. Santhanagopalan.

Sriranjani kriti was fine. Alapana, niraval and swaram were fine.Main panduvrali; alapana was super and rendered all possible pidis with ragalakshana, kriti ramanadham was sung melodiously. Niraval and Swaramkalpana had variety

Violinist Nandini Viswanathan and mridangist J.P. Suriyanambeesan gave a fine support