V. Amiritha Narayanan – Vocal


On 25th June 2016 (Saturday) At 7.15 PM;  V. Amiritha Narayanan performed yet another and 6th consecutive excellent vocal concert. He is regular artist in VDS, we have been seeing his development in music year by year, now he is very much matured.  His over all knowledge in music is of high order. His voice is fine, bold and clear. He is singing the kritis neatly with ragalakshana.  Paatantharam also good – trained very well by Meera Kedarnathan (L) and presently A.S. Murali.

His both kanna and kaanada alapanas were fine to listen. He sang the kannada kriti sri maathrubootham nicely. Kalpana swaram had variety. Main kaanada  – alapana was also fine with nice pidis. Kriti sukhi evvaro was sung with ragalakshana. Swaram had variety.

Subasree on the violin and the mridangam by Sumedh Ramakrishnan gave a very good support to Amrith