Shreya Anand – Vocal

On 29th December 2017 (Friday) At 6.00 PM; Shreya Anand from California performed her excellent vocal concert. Her voice is fine, versatile, over all knowledge in music is very good and she is also quite confident. Her guru Anuradha Sridhar has trained her very well in all the musical aspects like alapana, niraval and swarams.

Naada sudharasa in aarabhi wass very good. Saveri alapana was good. Sang the kriti shankari shankuru neatly. Main poorvi kalyani alapana was fine, she covered the raga very well with raga lakshana. Kriti meenakshi memutham was rendered very well and kalpanaswaram had variety.

Anivartin Anand (her brother) on the violin and Adithya sridhar (mridangam) gave a fine support.