Sakthi Ravitharan – Vocal


16th January 2016 ( Saturday) At 7.15 PM; That was excellent vocal concert by Sakthi Ravitharan of Melbourne, Australia. It is surprise to listen an Australian born musician pronouncing the sahithyas very well. Her concert was marked by her fine voice, she uses fine madulations and her over all knowledge is also very good. Of course credit goes to her guru Shoba Sekar – has trained her very well.

Sakthi’s selections of the songs for the concert is fine and it had variety. After a neat  alapana in raagm kaapi – rendered the kriti mee valla gunadosha memi very well with variety of kalpanaswarams. Neethimathi a rare raaga was fine – alapana had some nice pidis, Kriti moahana kara was sung neatly and kalpanaswaram was fine. Main charukesi  for kriti ada modi galade; alapana was neat, niraval and swaram kalpana were fine  and executed very well. Kaalinga narthana hillana in naatai was fine, different and ideal for dance

Violinist T. Kishore’s reply was equally fine. On the mridangam by G. Karthick  rendered his fine support