S. Srivatsan – Vocal

On 13th January 2018 (Saturday) at 7.15 PM; S. Srivatsan performed his yet another excellent vocal concert. He is student of sr. guru Smt. Dr. N.S. Lakshmi, who trained him very well. His voice is fine & very nice.

Yochana in Dharbar was sung very well. He rendered shanmukapriya alapana very well, the kriti parvathi nayakane was sung well. Sourashtram kriti was fine. Main; karaharapriya – alapana was very good, it had some nice pidis, Niraval was good and kalpanaswaram was rendered nicely for the kriti pakkala nilabadi.

C. Akilesh on the violin and on the mridangam by V. Balaji supported the vocalist very well