S. Sri Sruthi – Vocal


On 20th September 2014 (Saturday) at 7.15 PM; S. Sri Sruthi presented an excellent and one among the best vocal concert. Sri Sruthi keeps sruthi very well. Her voice is fine-it is sweet and versatile. Her all-round knowledge is very good and singing with raga-lakshana.. Guru Uma Subramaniaan has trained her very well.

Nayaki kriti was sung very well. Keeravani (sub-main) kriti karunakarane was sung with ragabhava. Main thodi;  alapana had nice pidis, kriti was sung nicely, niraval was good and kalpanaswaram had variety. Sindhu bhairavi kriti was also very good.

Violin by Aasha Sriram and Mridangam by G. Karthik gave a very good support.

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