S. Sowmya – Vocal


On 02nd  April 2016 (Saturday) at 7.15 PM; S. Sowmya performed yet another excellent vocal concert. A student of sr. guru Palghat T.R. Rajaram – no doubt her paatantharam is of high order. Her voice is sweet, bold and clear, over all knowledge is high and she has good manodharma.

She sang all the kritis neatly with raga lakshana. Ranjani kriti was fine. There was some imaginative pidis in shakarabharanam alapana. She sang the kriti akshaya linga vibho neatly. Niraval had variety. Kalpanaswaram was very good.

Violinist K.N. akkarsh and mridangaist J.P. Suriya nambeesan gave a very good support.