S. Sowmya Lakshmi – Vocal


On 31st January 2015 (Saturday) at 6.00 PM;  S. Sowmya Lakshmi presented an excellent vocal concert at VDS. For 12 year old girl from Dubai; Her over all knowledge is high, she is quite confident and sure. Voice is sweet and versatile. Her paatantharam also good and well trained by her gurus K.B. Vijayakumar (Dubai) and O.S. Thiagarajan at Madras…

Main kamboji; alapana had some good pidis, sang the kriti rangam sri rangam with ragalakshana niraval was very good and kalpana Swaram had variety. Aanadhabhairavi kriti was good. Alapana in maya maala gowla ragam was good. Kriti maayatheertha was sung melodiously.

K. Soundhararajan on violin and Ajeet sridhar on mridangam gave a very good support.

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