S. Sindhuja – Vocal


On 04th January 2015 (Sunday) at 7.15 PM; S. Sindhuja presented a very good vocal concert. She is regular artist and this is her 4th performance. Her all knowledge is very good. She has sweet and clear voice in the higher octave. She sang all the kritis neatly. Guru Kamala Venkatraman has trained her very well.

Selections of the kritis were fine and from different composers. Reedhogowla- alapana was o.k, Abisheck’s (from US) reply on violin was super, kriti bale and swaram were sung well. Main bajare in ragam kalyani was sang very well. Alapna was good. Niraval and swaramkalpana had variety again Abisheck’s reply was fine. Santhohram’s thani was fine. Sindhuja sang the thukkadas very well.

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