S. Sindhuja – vocal

03-12-1610 03-12-1612

On 12th March 2016 (Saturday) at 7.15 PM; S. Sindhuja performed an excellent vocal concert at VDS. She regular artist and this is being her 5th concert. Her voice is fine, bold, clear and versatile. Her over all knowledge is very good. Paatantharam also good – trained very well by Uma Subramanian and Kamala Venkatraman.

Her behag alapana was good. She sang the kriti idhu dhano thillaisthalam very well. Main karaharapriya alapana was fine with nice pidis. Kriti pakkala was sung neatly. Swaram had variety for kriti

Nandini Viswanathan on the violin the mridangam by P.V. Srivatsa gave a very good support to Ameya.

Mridangam exponent Papanasam Sri Kumar chief guest for the concert blessed the young musicians.