S. Sai Prashanthi & S. Sai Nishanthi – Vocal-duet


On 01st August 2015 (Saturday) at 6.00 PM;  S. Sai Prashanthi & S. Sai Nishanthi presented a very good vocal-duet concert. This is there 3rd concert at VDS.  They are under the tutelage of Guru(s) Leelavathi Gopalakrishnan and Vasanthi Gopal. They are trained them very well in singing aspect.

Selections of the kritis were fine and they sang all the kritis well. Gananathane kriti was good. Bahudari – alapana looked tutored they sang the kriti brovabrama very well. kalpanaswaram was good. In madhyamavathi the alapana and kalpana Swaram were sang well for muchatabrahma. They sang  Kamboji, dhanyasi and aarabi kritis neatly..

We welcome the little master Rishab Ranganathan from Chicago on violin at the age of just 11 supported very well and Ajit Sreedar on mridangam gave a good support.