S. Harshitha – Vocal

12th September 2015 ( Saturday) At 7.15 PM; That was excellent vocal concert by S. Harshitha. Her concert was marked by her fine voice, brugas and gamakas were good. Her over all knowledge is also very good. She proved worthy of her promotion to sr. a lot by excellent concert Guru P.B. Srirangachari has trained her very well.

After a fine lathngi alapana with nice piidis – rendered the kriti marivera very well with variety of kalpanaswarams. Main bhairavi was fine – alapana had some good pidis, sanchara in higher was good, Kriti was fine, niraval and kalpanaswaram were fine and executed very well. Violinist Parur M.S. Ananthasri’s reply was equally fine. On the mridangam by K.S. Ramakrishnan  rendered his good support