Rishab Ranganathan – Vocal


On 18th July 2015 (Saturday) at 6.00 PM; Rishab Ranganathan from Chicago (USA) presented a fine vocal concert at VDS. This is his maiden concert. For 11 year old boy his voice is good and over all knowledge is also good. He is well trained by our colleague – guru Gita Ramasubramanian (Mayavaram Sisiters).

His mohanam alapana was good – though looked tutored he sang GNBs. Kriti sadhapalaya very well. Main kalyani; alapana was good. Kriti himadri sudhe was sung very well, niraval was good and swaram kalpana was well executed. Violinist S. Subasri’s reply was fine. Mridangam by Rohit Ashok was very good.

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