R.S. Shankari – Vocal


On 12th March 2016 (Saturday) At 6.00 PM; R.S. Shankari presented her excellent vocal concert at VDS. A student of guru sr. guru Suguna Varadachari and Dr. R.S. Jayalakshmi, they trained this young artist very well. Being Deekshidar’s day the concert was dedicated by Shankari to the great composer.

Shankari’s voice is fine and fluent, singing the kritis neatly. Her alapana for ragam naatai was good, she sang the kriti swaminatah paripalayakshumam very well and swaram also fine. am was good. Her Kalyani alapana had nice pidis, sang the kriti bhajare re chittha very well, niraval and swaram were fine and had variety. Varjyam of sa and pa was executed very well. Finishing the concert with a fine sriraagam was good.

Violinist K.N. Akkarsh and D. Sivaraman (mridangam) gave a very good support.