R. Ramya – Vocal


On 11th October 2014 (Saturday) at 6.00 PM; R. Ramya presented a good maiden vocal concert at VDS. Her voice is bold and clear. She is singing the kritis very well and well trained by her guru Rajalakshmi Srinivasan.

Ramyas selections of the kritis were good and from different vageyakaras. Purandara Dasars Hamsadwani kriti pardainamisuve and swarams were rendered neatly Saveri alapana was good, sang the kriti karunaiye very well. Main kalyani alapana was o.k. Kriti st. Thiyagaraja swamigals evaramu adukudhura was sung very well. Kalpana swaram was very good.

Accompanying artistes S. Subasree (violin) and K. Sudev (mridangam) gave a good support.

Mridangam artiste Seangottai Sri Rajamani, chief guest for the programme blessed  the budding musicians.

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