R. Janani Aiyer – Vocal


On 28th December 2013 (Saturday) at 6.00 PM; R. Janani Aiyer gave a very good vocal recital at VDS. Her voice is versatile and sharp in the higher octave. She sings kritis very well and well trained by her gurus Chembai R. Vadiyanathan and Prarthana Sai Narasimhan in the aspect.

Shnamukapriya alapana though short was good. Kriti was rendered very well. Main harikamboji alapana was also short and good. Parikshit S. Gargyan (violin) essay of alapana was good. Niranjan Balachandran (mridangam;USA) and V. Arvind (gatam) gave a good support to Aiyer..

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