Prithivi Harish – Vocal

On 03rd June 2017 (Saturday) at 7.15 PM; Prithivi Harish performed his 4th consecutive excellent vocal concert. His Paatantharam is of high order and well trained by his sr. guru Sri.PSN. At 16 his over all knowledge is of high order.

He is singing the kritis neatly with raga lakshana. He sang atana kriti very well. His sub-main kannada – alapana and kalpanaswaram were very good to listen. Main thodi – alapana had nice pidis, he sang the kriti sarasijanapa murare well, niraval was well spread and kalpanaswaram were rendered nicely.

T.Kishore on the violin and On the mridangam Rohit Ashok supported the vocalist very well.