Prithivi Harish – Vocal


On 04th July 2015 (Saturday) at 7.15 PM; That was yet another excellent vocal concert by Prithivi Harish. Of-course credit goes to his sr. most guru non-other – the great PSN sir. He also learnt from Madhuram Srinivasan (both of them trained him very well). His all round knowledge in music is fine. Voice is good and versatile.

He sang all the kritis well. Sub-main aarabhi alapana was fine and had some nice pidis. Kriti  Niraval had variety and kalpanaswaram also fine for salakallaladu. Main kalyani alapana was good, Kriti was sung very well. Niraval had variety. Kalpanaswaram was fine. Sindhu bhairavi kriti was rendered melodiously.

A fine support on the violin from M. Shrikanth and on the mridangam by P.V. Srivatsa..

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