Neha Rajagopalan – Vocal


On 15th March 2015 (Sunday) at 7.15 PM; Neha Rajagopalan is a regular vocalist in VDS and this is her 5th  concert . She is a dedicated and sincere student of guru Neyveli K. Ganesh,  performing with full involvement and the concert was marked by fine performance…

Neha sang all the kritis very well. Sriragam kriti was fine. Dharmavathi alapana was o.k., but she is rushing through the pidis. Karunajuda Kriti was sung very nicely. Swaram was very good. Main karaharapriya was fine; in alapana there was repetition in the pidis, niraval and swarm kalpana was very good and had variety for kriti pakkala nilapadi. Nijamarmamulanu in umabharanam was sung in double speed.  Behag kriti was simply superb.

The support by the accompanying artists; Parur M.S.Ananthasree’s reply on violin both in dharmavathi and karaharapriya was fine and P.V. Srivatsa on mridangam played very well.

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