Melbourne brothers Raghuveer Rangan and Narayan Rangan – vocal – duet


03rd January 2016 ( Sunday) At 7.15 PM; That was excellent vocal – duet concert by  Melbourne brothers Raghuveer Rangan and Narayan Rangan from Australia. Their pronunciation of sahithyas what ever like Sanskrit, telugu, kannada or tamil is perfect.   Their concert was marked by very good understanding between them while singing alapana and swarams, uses fine madulations and their over all knowledge is also very good. Of course credit goes to sr. guru vidwan Sri. O.S. Thiyagarajan – has trained them very well in all aspects of music.

The brothers sing in one voice synchronizing which is most important for duet singing. Kannada kriti and swaram was fine. Malayamarutham alapana was neat and there was some imaginative pidis. Niraval and kalpana swaram were fine and had variety for danyudevado. After a neat alapana in raagm madhyamavathi – rendered a lengthy niraval and crisp swarams for kriti ramakada sudha.They sang all the kritis well with raga bhava. Thukkadas were fine.

Violinist Parur M.K. Ananthalakshmi supported them very nicely with her fine reply.

On the mridangam by Keshav Nelavai from USA –  rendered his fine support and his thani was fine.