Mathangi Kailashnath – Vocal


On 25th October 2015 (Sunday) at 6.00 PM; That was excellent vocal concert by Mathangi Kailashnath. Guru Sugantha Kalamegam has trained her very well in all aspects.

She sang all the kritis neatly in her sweet and versatile voice. Her over all knowledge is also good. She sang paripalayamam in reethigowla ragam was fine. Kalpanaswaram though short it was good. Main thodi; alapana was fine – voice is traveling easily through the three octaves. Violinist T. Kishores reply was fine with verities of pidis. Kriti jesithe nemi was sung very well. Kalpana swaram had variety and muthaaipu swaram was well executed. She sang the thukkadas melodiously. Mridangam Jayendra Kumar gave a very good support to Mathangi.

Sri. A. Lakshmanan a dance exponent – chief guest for the programme blessed the artistes.