Mathangi Kailashnath – Vocal

On 11th February 2017 (Saturday) at 7.15 PM; It was an Excellent vocal concert by Mathangi Kailashnath. This is her promotional concert to sr. slot which she did very well. Her voice is sweet and versatile Sr. Guru Sugantha Kalamegam has trained her very well.

Maraaivere in anandhabhairavi was fine. Main shankarabharanami – alapana was neat and had some good pidis, kriti saroja dhalanethri was sung very well and swaram kalpana had variety and muthaaipu swaram was well. Executed. She sangthe thukkadas sweetly and melodiouly.

Violinist S. Subshree and on the mridangam by Arvind Koushik have rendered their fine support.