Madhumita Duraiswami – Vocal


On 26th June 2016 (Sunday) At 7.15 PM. Madhumita Duraiswami presented her excellent vocal recital. This is her 2nd and Ist performance in sr. slot. She proved worthy of the promotion by presenting a wonderful concert. She is just 14, her all round knowledge in music is very good  She excelled in all the departments. Paatantharam is good and well trained by Guru (s)  Geetha Raja and Padmini Ravi.

She sang the kriti saraswathi namosthuthe very well. Ranjani alapana was fine – It had nice pidis, she sang the kriti parama pavan very well with ragalakshana & swaram had variety. She brought out the essence and character of ragam kamboji neatly and perfectly in the alapana,  sang the kriti sri subramanyaya namsthe very well, niraval was in detail,  kalpanaswaram was well executed and muthaaipu swaram was well calculated.

S. Subasree (violin) and Jayendra Kumar on Mridangam gave a very good support to the vocalist.