M.K. Ananthalakshmi – Vocal


On 23rd November 2013 (Saturday) at 6.00 PM; Parur M.K. Ananthalakshmi is our regular, sincere and dedicated artist for both as a vocalist as well as violinst. She is performing at VDS and also in other sabhas regularly. She is gifted to born in to a great family of musicians. Presented her excellent vocal concert. Learning this art from her  mother-cum-guru Lakshmi Krishnaswami and Nithyasree Mahadevan.

Selection of the songs fro the concert was fine. Her voice is fine bold and clear. She sings the kritis with raga lakshana. Her both vachaspathi and thodi ala[anas were in detail. She did her best at kalpanaswaram. Violinist Parur M. S. Ananthasree’s reply in both the ragas was equally excellent. Percussionist P.V. Srivatsa gave a fine supoort.

Dr. Gayathri Shankar a Padmasree awardee, chief guest for the concert who blessed the young artistes.


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