L. Shivani – Vocal


On 17th April 2016 (Sunday) at 7.15 PM; L. Shivani performed excellent vocal concert at VDS. This is her 3rd and first promotional concert to sr. slot – she did it very well. Her voice is fine, sweet and versatile. Of course she is very well trained by guru Kala Acharya Sironmani Chembai R. Vaidyanathan.

Selections of the kritis for the concert is good and from different composers. Goulai varnam was good, saraswathi kriti was very good, danyasi alapana was fine, kriti mayuranatham was rendered neatly. Main bhairavi – alapana was fine with nice pidis, kriti lalithesri was sung very well. Kalpana swaram had variety. Muthaipuswaram was well executed. Jhonpuri piece was rendered sweetly.

Violinist V. Supraja replied suitably. Mridangam by Indalur R.D. Aadharsh gave a very good support.