L. Krithika – Vocal


On 13th March 2016 (Sunday) At 7.15 PM. L. Krithika performed excellent vocal recital. This is her 2nd and Ist performance in sr. slot, she did well with her fine all round knowledge. Paatantharam is good and well trained by Guru Dr. N.S. Lakshmi.

Hamsadwani sawaram was good for kriti GNBs varavallabha. Panduvarali alapana was fine – It had nice pidis, she sang the kriti sarasaksha very well with fine niraval & swaram. Main shankarabaranam – alapana also fine & had very nice pidis,  sang the kriti akshaya linga very well and kalpanaswaram had variety. She sang the kamas thillana nicely.

Nadini Viswanathan (violin) and Adambakkam L. Sudharshan Srinivas on Mridangam gave a very good support to Krithika