Keerthana Madhu – Vocal


On 26th June 2016 (Sunday) At 6 PM. Keerthana Madhu from Florida (USA)  presented her excellent vocal recital. This is her maiden performance. Her all round knowledge in music is very good for her age just little 11. She is also confident what she sings. Pronunciation of sahithyas also very good   Paatantharam is good and well trained by Guru  Geetha Ramasubramanian (Mayavaram Sisters) and also our committee member. She is also learning from her father Madhu Chandrasekar.

Selections of the songs were fine and from different composers.Her kalpanaswaram was fine and had variety for kriti jaya jaya jaya janaki in ragam naatai. Panduvarali alapana was perfect, she sang the kriti enna gaanu rama bhajan very well with fine niraval & swaram. Main mohanam – alapana also fine & had very nice pidis,  sang the kriti kapali very well and kalpanaswaram was imaginative. Arul seiya vendum aiyya kriti was sung with ragalakshana. Thillana in ragam revathi ws sung nicely.

Rishab Ranganathan (violin) and Jayendra Kumar on Mridangam gave a very good support to Keethana