Janani Purna Pushkala Iyer – Vocal


On 23rd May 2015 (Saturday) at 7.15 PM; Janani Purna Pushkala Iyer gave her yet another excellent vocal concert. What a manodharma and dedication she showed. Her over all knowledge is fine. Her voice is sweet and versatile. Of course she is well trained by sr. guru P.S. Narayanaswami Iyer.

She sang all the kritis neatly with raggalakshana. Kamboji alapana was fine. Kriti maa janaki was good. Swaram was directly in dhurithakaalam was fine. Main saaveri; alapana was in detail, pidis were very nice, kriti janani was rendered very well and swaram kalpana had veriety, super and spontaneity. Violinist Sayee Rakshith’s reply was supr. Ksheenamai in mukari was sung with raga-bhava. Mridangam Thippirajapuram S. Hari gave a very good support to Janani Iyer.

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