Dhanush Anantharaman – Vocal

10-10-151On 10th October 2015 (Sunday) At 6.00 PM; Dhanush Anantharaman an yet another excellent budding musician who performed an excellent vocal concert at VDS. A student of guru Amirtha Murali (who incidentally won the award from VDS for both vocal and violin)  – no doubt her paatantharam is of very good.

At just 13 – Dhanushs over all knowledge and manodharma is good. He has all the features to become a musician. His vijayanagari varnam was good. His kalpanaswaram was fluent for kriti kanjadalayatakshi in ragam kamala manohari. Kalyani alapana, kriti biranavara and swaram were fine. There was some imaginative pidis in his main bhairavai alapana. Kriti enathi nomu phalamo was sung very well. Swaram kalpana had variety.

Violinist Nandini Viswanathan and R.D. Aadharsh (mridangam) gave a very good support.