Dhanush Anantharaman – Vocal

On 04th March 2017 (Saturday) at 7.15 PM; Dhanush Anantharaman performed an excellent vocal concert. This is his promotional concert to sr. slot.- the young musician presented yet another excellent concert. His over all knowledge and manodharma is of high order for his age just 14. His voice is fine. bold and clear. Of course the srdit goes to his gurus Jayalakshmi Sivakumar and Amritha Murali have trained him very well. He has all the features to become a leading musician, he excelled in all the departments like ragam, niraval and swaram.

Selections of the kritis for the concert is good and from different composers. His niraval and kalpanaswaram were fine in ragam maaya malaaaaaaaaagowla for kriti deva deva. Dhanyasi alapana was very good. Main kamboji – alapana had some nice pidis, kriti maragathvali was rendered very well. Kalpana swaram was well executed.

Violinist Madan Mohan replied suitably. Mridangam by K.S. Ramakrishnan gave a very good support.