Deeptha Vasudevan and Shwetha Vasudevan – Duet Vocal



On 02nd January 2015 (Friday) at 7.15 PM;  The twin sisters Deeptha Vasudevan and Shwetha Vasudevan presented their excellent and one of the best vocal concert at VDS. They are regular artiste in VDS. Their Paatantharam is of high order and learning under the tutelage of P.Vasnthkumar (son of Smt. Sulochana Pattabiraman) and from Prema Hariharan..

They sing in one voice. Keeravani alapana and kriti bhavayesa was sung very well. Kalyani alapana has some nice pidis for kriti vijadasa varadha.  Niraval was good and kalpanaswaram had variety.

Abishek Balakrishnan of USA (violin) and on the mridangam by S. Karthiknarayanan gave a very good support.

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