Deepika Ramachandran and Aparna Ramachandran – Vocal duet

On 22nd January 2017 (Sunday) at  7.15 PM;   Deepika Ramachandran and Aparna Ramachandran performed an excellent vocal – duet concert. This is their 2nd and first promotional concert to sr. slot. They proved worthy of their promotion. Their concert was marked by fine manodharma and all round knowledge. They are singing in one voice that is most important. Their gurus J. Rajeswari and Uma Prabhakar have trained them very well.

Sub-main mohanam alapana was very good.  Kriti paahimam paarvathi was sung well. Niraval and swaram also good. Main panduvarali alapana was fine, it had nice pidis, they sang the kriti naradamuni very well. Muruganin marupeyar was renderd with raga lakshana.

Violin by K.N. Akkarsh and Mridangam by V. Balaji gave a very good support