C. Akilesh – Vocal


On 03rd May 2014 (Saturday) at 6.00 PM; C. Akilesh performed an excellent vocal concert at VDS. This is his maiden performance. His over all knowledge and confidence is above his age 11 Learning under the tutelage of guru Seetha Narayanan.

Abhigi was fine; alapana neat, kriti sabapathikku was sung well, niraval and kalpanaswarams were also fine. His hole body vibrates according to thalam. Aarabi kriti was nice. Main kalyani alapana was good. Kriti kamalambam bhajare was rendered well. Some times we can hear method of M.D. Ramanathan.

That was fine support from the violinist Thirucheri B. Karthik, S. Srinandan (mridangam) gave a good support to the vocalist Akhilesh.

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