Bhagyasree Sivakumar – Vocal



On 03rd October 2015 (Sunday) At 6.00 PM; Bhagyasree Sivakumar (daughter of mridangam legend Kallidaikurrichi Mr. S. Sivakumar) performed an excellent vocal concert. She is student of sr. guru Rajalakshmi Srinivasan. She was ably supported on the violin by S. Sivaram (son of Mridangist Chromepet Mr. S. Suresh) and on the mridangam by Neyveli K. Saiprasad (niece of mridangam vidwan Neyveli Sri. Narayanan). All the three artists from mridangam vidwans family – no surprise rhythm was maintained perfectly by them.

Bhagyasree’s voice is fine and with good reach.  She sang all the kritis well. Kriti (hanamanavadhave) and swaram for hamsanadham was very good. Main kalyani – though the alapana was short it was good, She sang the kriti evarumu adukudhara very well, niraval, kalpanaswaram were good and muthaippu swaram was well executed. . Violinist reply was good. Thani by mridangist was also very good.

Vidhushi Dr. Varalakshmi Anandkumar – chief guest for the concert blessed the young musicians.