Aishwarya Venkatsubramaniam – Bharathanatayam

On 08th July 2017 (Saturday) at 6.30 PM; Aishwarya Venkatsubramaniam presented an excellent bharathanatayam recital at VDS. She is a pleasant dancer and she is very energetic through the last item thillana. She is trained very well by her guru Meenakshi Chitaranjan.

Her selections of the items were fine and all of them were very lengthy. Invocatory item gamganapathe, alarippu and jathiswaram were fine. She did the varnam in ragam neelambari very well – her limb movements were elegant, She enacted the sancharibahava very well, answered the lengthy jathis neatly with a smiling face. Vishma kara kannan dance was fine and very intresting. Thillana was fine with very good limb movements.

Musical support; vocal by Sharanya Krishnan, Mridangam by Anil Kumar and violin by Sathish Kumar were fine.