Aishwarya Chadrasekar – Vocal

On 17th June 2017 (Sunday) at 6.00 PM; Aishwarya Chadrasekar performed a very good vocal concert. This is her 2nd concert. Her voice is fine especially in the higher octave. Paatantharam is good and well trained by her M. Balakrishnan and Kala Balakrishnan.

Her selections of the kritis for the concert is very good. Amirdhvarshini alapana was good for sudhamayee. Main simhendramadhymam – alapana was very good, niraval and , Kalpanaswaram was rendered nicely for kriti asaindhadum.

S. Sivaram on the violin and on the mridangam we had S. Vaidyanathan who supported the artist very well.