A. Vijay Kishore – Vocal

05-04-141 copy

On 04th May 2014 (Sunday) at 6.00 PM; A. Vijay Kishore gave a very good vocal recital at VDS. This is his 3rd concert. His voice is bold and clear. His guru Vasanthi Gopal has trained him to sing the kritis neatly. He is very confident and sure

Sudhamayee in ragam amirthavarshini was very good. Main kalyani alapana was good. Kriti unnai allal was sung nicely. Selections of the songs were fine and from different vageyakaras.

There was some circus pidis in kalyani alapana by violinist T. Kishire. Arjun Raghavendar (mridangam) gave a good support to the vocalist.

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