Thirucheri B. Karthik – Violin


On 24th November2013 (Sunday) at 6.00 PM; That was an excellent violin-solo  concert by Thirucheri B. Karthik, a student of V.L. Kumar. This is his maiden solo performance.

His confidence and musical knowledge is very good for his age 14. He is handling the instrument nicely with proper gamakas and brigas. Selection of the songs were from and from different vageyakaras. Malayamarutham alapana was fine, swaram kalpana also very good for the kriti nanasayatulo. Main sankarabaranam alapna was in detail. He palyed the kriti saroja dalanethri well. Kalpanaswaram was imaginative.

Thirucheri B. Koushik on Mridangam and S. Sri Sainath on gatam gave a very good support to Karthik

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