Shrikanth – Violin


On 28th June (Friday) at  7.15 PM; M. Shrikanth a regular artiste for violin in VDS, performed his maiden solo concert. His sprit and enthusiasm was high.  His over all knowledge is good. Handling the instrument effortlessly. Paatantharam is very good and well trained by gurus Hemamalini Ranganathan and Madhuram Srinivasan.

Shanmugapriya kriti was fine. After a short alapana in charukesi, he played aadamodi galade very well. Main Hemavathy was fine; .alapana had nice pidis. Kriti sri kanthimathim was rendered nicely and kalpanaswarams had variety. Changing the nadais was good. Jagadhotharana was pleasing.

Percussion artists P.V. Srivatsa and S. Sri Krishnan (morsing) gave a very good support to Shrikanth.

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