Shraddha Ravindran- Violin


On 02nd June 2013 (Sunday) at At 7.15 PM;  Shraddha Ravindran recently got the `B’ grade artiste award from AIR. She is regular violin-artiste and performing for the past 8 in VDS. Her concert was marked by excellent & fine all round knowledge. She played all the kritis very well by her smooth bowing. She is the dis of Kumari Kanyakumari and  Radha Sundaresan

She played nalinakanthi kriti neatly. Vachaspathi alapana and kriti kandajoodoomi was good. Main.Sankarabaranam was very good. After a neat alapana she played swararagasudha very well. Kalpanaswarm was good. Kurai ondrum illai was really kurai ondrum illai.

Thirucheri B. Koushik (mridangam) gave a very good support to the main artiste.

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