S. Sayee Rakshith – Violin


On November 15th 2014 (Saturday) at 7.15 PM; S. Sayee Rakshith a regular violin artiste in VDS and accompanying for more budding artistes in VDS and also in other sabhas, performed his yet another excellent concert.

His over all knowledge in music is high. Handling the instrument smoothly with perfect fingering. Playing the Kritis with ragalakshana. Guru Kanyakumari and K.G. Rajesh has trained him very well.

Main kamboji; alapana and kalpanaswarams were fine and had variety for kriti mO ranga sayee. Govardhanagiri was pleasing. Kamas thillana was fine.

The support by the accompanying artists K.S. Ramakrishnan on mridangam and V. Arvind (gatam) was fine.

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