C. Soundarya – Vocal


On November 22nd 2014 (Saturday) at 7.15 PM; C. Soundarya performed yet another excellent vocal concert and this is being her 6th concert at VDS. At just 15 her over all knowledge is high, singing all the kritis neatly and her voice is bold and clear. Paatantharam also very good and well trained by her guru Seetha Narayanan.

Saaranga and mohanam kritis were good to listen. Main shanmugapriya; alapana had nice pidis, niraval was in detail, kalpanaswaram was crisp for kriti mariveri. Shankarabaranam was displayed in detail in ragam-thanam-pallavi Thodi kriti kaarthikeya was also fine.

The support by the accompanying artists S. Sayee Rakshith  on violin and T. Karthik (mridangam) was fine.

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