Rakshitha Ramesh – Veena

On 14th May 2016 (Sunday) at 7.15 PM;  Rakshitha Ramesh a Veena artist from Bangalore performed her yet another excellent concert. This is her 3rd and first promotional concert to sr. slot. She proved worthy of her promotion. Her concert was marked by fine manodharma and all round knowledge at the age of 16. She played all the kritis neatly with ragalakshana. Of-course guru Yogavandhana has trained her very well.

She started the concert with a fine ata thala varnam in ragam bhairavi. Main-Ranjanimala alapana & thanam in various ranjani ragas were fine to listen. It requires lot of manodharma and concentration. Kriti with chitta swaram was played neatly. Swaram kalpana after words in all the ragas were fine.

Mridangist Indalur R.D. Aadharsh gave a very good support.