C. Charulatha – Veena


On 03rd October 2015 (Sunday) at 7.15 PM; C. Charulatha a grand daughter & student of Dr. R. S. Jayalakshmi performed her yet another excellent veena concert at VDS. At just 9 she is handling the long instrument easily and striking it very well.

Selections of the kritis for the concert is good for her age. Abhogi varnam, singaravelavan in anandha bhairavi, nagumomu in aberi, kuraiondrumillai, venkatagiri in revathi everything was rendered nicely. Main:shankarabaranam  -alapana was very good, thaanam was good, kriti mahalakshmi was played nicely and swaram was o.k.

Mridangam by Neyveli K. Saiprasad gave a very good support to little Charulatha.